Keychron Red Gateron Switch Puller

Customize your hot-swappable Gateron switches on your gaming keyboards with the Keychron Gateron Switch Puller. It features a sleek design, a durable build, has an eject button, is easy to use, and is designed for hot-swappable Gateron switches.


The Keychron Gateron Switch Puller allows you to easily remove custom switches from your gaming keyboard. Its easy to use design was made to enhance productivity, the switch puller is designed to optimally and safely remove switches from a hot-swappable keyboard plate. It makes customizing your keyboard a breeze and compared to the traditional switch puller, the Gateron switch puller is easier to use, carry and store, which largely saves a lot of the time spent on removing switches.

Simply press the eject button down to release the teeth grips underneath and place onto your switch with the teeth on the top and bottom sides of the switch, press the puller down and pull the switch out, it’s as easy as that. Once you have the switch in the puller, you can press the eject button to release the switch.


  • Safely remove Gateron Hot-Swappable Switches
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek Design
  • Durable Build
  • Eject Button


  • Colour: Red
  • Compatibility: Gateron Hot-swappable Switches


  • Keychron Gateron Switch Puller – Red x1

Note: The Gateron Switch puller cannot be used to remove K3 low profile switches.


Supplier Warranty: 12 Months